who am I project


I was born in july,3,1999 in Arlington Texas I have two wonder parents but stay with one of them an that's is my beautiful mom. I have two sister one is 8 years old and here name is Carrigton an my other sister  is 12 years old an here name is Caris. Well too start of my life I one  even no I have two sisters it wasn't always like that it was  just me an my mom. She was 19 when she said had me but mange to rasie me just fine. Around when I turn 4 years old I have always love the game of football. My Frist team was called the south Arligton saints. Its real funny when you think about since the  team was like 4 an 5 years olds we really didn't know what we were doing but, when have a lot a fun! Also Speacking of when I was four I went to my frist school called Lynn hale. That was a amazing school with Amazing teachers that I well never forget. But time passed an I had to leave Lynn hale cause we were moving to a different house. An I was really sad but when I was at my  new school I was already loving it there an that school was called Percy. in 2011 I went to my frist family vaction it was a magical experience an it was no other  then DISNEY WORLD!! It was fun there we had a lot of food to eat an there was a lot of Disney  charters there Mickey, Goofy, and well you no the rest. An I well never forget that day cause my mom told me it took her three years to take us to Disney world an I thank her for that. Two years later in 2013 we went to universal studios I was so exicted to go n me am my family had a lot of fun. Now I have talk about the past lets talk about the present. There is really nothing tot about that now Im 15 years im finally in high school. An as you can tell I'm a Freshmen that is at the best school in Arligton an that school is called Seguin!! An rrember when I said when I was four I always love football... Well I still do an now im in a starting line up with Another 11 boys. You see how time goes fast? Well I have talked about past,the present, An there nothing really to talk about  for what can happen in the future is just  I well have to wait what god have in store.

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