Tablets and flipped learning - an introduction!

Sam will be doing more interactive sessions on using Big Blue Button - look out for times and days :)

If you are using tablets in class or asking learners to access videos etc from home then Dropbox is a useful tool for sharing large files. You can also use tools like Google Drive in the same way. You can share files from Dropbox by sending a link to your learners.

Padlet and are useful websites for working collaboratively and gathering a mixture of information - e.g. files, videos, images and just comments. You can give people a link so that they can add their comments/information and embed them into Moodle etc.

Have you tried getting learners to work on writing collaboratively when they are out of class? The MeetingWords website is a great tool for things like this - it saves automatically and you can send out a link to learners. No log in required - incredibly simple to use!