Japanese Culture

by: Jessica Engrassia and Dylan King

Social Customs:

1. It is unexceptable to chew gum in front of someone but smoking cigarettes are not considered unexceptable.

2. A person should always take off their shoes when entering a Japanese house or restaurant if you dont then you will be given slippers.

3. Hugging is considered impolite.

4. Kissing is considered a shame in public places.

In Japan, the honoured guest is to be seated in the middle of the table, furthest from the door. You cannot cross your chopsticks when you put them on the chopstick rest. If you leave a small amount of rice in your bowl you will receive more, if you are finished you must show this by eating every grain of rice in the bowl. It is most acceptable to leave a small amount of food on your plate when you are finished eating.

In America we have some similar and some differences as in Japan. Unlike Japan, it is not considered a shame to kiss or hug in public. People may not like that some people do but it is not an actual cultural problem to us. Along with Japan it is also considered very respectful to us for someone to remove their shoes when entering and walking through someones house except we dont offer slippers.

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