Cold Desert Biome

Biome Location

  • A. This biome is primarily located in the Antarctic, Greenland, and the Nearctic Realm.

Biomes Climate

  • A. Short, moist, and moderately warm summers that are between 21 and 26 degrees.
  • B. Long cold winters that are between -2 and 4 degrees.
  • C. Annual precipitation is only 46cm.

Biomes Vegetation

  • A. Mainly deciduous plants.
  • B. Between 15 and 122cm tall with spiky leaves.

Biomes Animals

  • A. Mostly rodents and all but 2 are burrowers.
  • B. The rest are all fish.
  • C. Examples would be, killer whales, polar bears, and the arctic fox.

Biomes Soil

  • A. Heavy, silty, and salty.
  • B. Contains alluvial fans.

Biomes Other Important Factors

  • A. It is the driest biome.
  • B. Sometimes it does not rain for the whole year.
  • C. Get most the moisture from runoff from mountains.

Example Of Plant - Sagebrush

  • A. Can be 4 feet tall with long leaves.
  • B. Provides shelter for small animals.
  • C. Can survive in almost any environment it is located in.
  • D. Has long tap roots that drain water from deep underground.

Example Of Animal - Killer Whale

  • A. Has a distinct black and white pattern.
  • B. Average around 27ft long.
  • C. Lives in the ocean.
  • D. Its primary prey is seals.
  • E. Needs to come up for air in regular intervals to breathe.
  • F. It is at the top of the food chain.
  • G. Has thick blubber to help survive in the cold.

Biomes Food Web

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