Welcome to 80s Cartoons!

While I was sitting on my couch thinking about a topic to do a blog, I began to remember my childhood and the things I liked to do, and suddenly came to my mind the cartoons that I saw every Saturday morning. Thus, I began to remember which were my favorites and the stories of each of them. I do not know when I stopped watching cartoons and why, but I can recall many details of them, such as music, character, etc. This blog is a tribute to all the cartoons that accompanied me on this beautiful time of my life.
Please sit back and enjoy with me the memories.

The smurfs

The Flintstones

Scooby Doo

Pink Panther

Hong Kong Phooey

Top Cat

The Banana Splits




Bugs Bunny

Probably I have fogotten several tittles, so if your favorite cartoon  is not listed and you think is very important to include it, please let me know and I will add it.

by Patricio