Things About Me

By AlexB

I want to be sponsored
by Red Bull

Map of where i Bike

My Dream

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My dream is to become a professional Moutain biker and go to Redbull rampage. Redbull rampage is one of the most professional biking courses besides X-games. Part of this dream is to get sponoserd by redbull for mountain biking.

This is a big dream of mine and will take lots of effort but if i try i think i will be able to get there one day. Im Practing alot too get there and im also building a new track to practice on. Unfortuneatley i cant bike in the winter so im off my sport at the moment. This is my dream and i hope you think its cool like i do.

My Religon

My Religon Is Christian. Im a strong beliver and go to church most sundays although i havent gone in a while because of soccer im starting back into a habit of going. I also try to pray everynight but sometimes its hard to rember. Im Not baptised yet but i hope to be soon. I have gone to church since i was very young, i was probably around 3 when i started going with my parents. My parents have always been strong belivers and have gone to church. Unfortunatley my mom works on sundays and can not go to church very often. This is my belief and i hope you support it.

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