Tackk project Arabian peninsula

600 c.e.

tip 1: when your in the dessert the tents made from their animal skin

tip 2: know were the oasis is  because its in the dessert you would get hot and dry

tip 3: you can farm in the oasis fruit and veges.

tip 4: the coastal plain had very deep wells

tip 5: they had shade to keep them cool when its a hot and dry dessert

tip 6:  the mountains had mus bricks that helped them bu lid homes

tip 7: another reason it would be easy to live in the dessert you dont have to dell with snow

tip 8: its easy to live in the oasis because you can swim 24/7 any time and no cost

tip 9: why its easy to live in the coastal plains because the rain is water for u to drink

tip 10: its easy to live in the mountains because of the fresh water

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