Freshmen Seminar

What is Freshmen Seminar?

Freshmen Seminar is a class taken by Freshmen to show them what its like to be a Freshmen. It also shows them the history and the classes to the high school they will be attending. It also shows them what is expected in school and all the requirements needed.

What I learned.

There were four different topics that Freshmen Seminar taught me. These topics were called: Get Connected, Student Skills, Digital Literacy, and Careers. In the topic: Get Connected, I learned how to be motivated in High school and I learned cool things about Canyon. The second topic is: Student Skills. In the topic Student Skills, I learned different types of studying and note taking. I also learned what type of learning style I am. The third topic is Digital Literacy. In Digital Literacy, I learned how Google search works. I also found how to identify copyrights and if a website has legit information. The final topic is Careers. In Careers, I listened to advice from Steve Jobs and what kind of job I want. I researched on my job and found it even more interesting then before.

Why people should take Freshmen Seminar.

People should take Freshmen Seminar because it has so much to offer. This class teaches you so many different things and can help you in your life. It can help you study better and get better grades. It can also teach you how to evaluate websites and copyrighted images. I liked Freshmen Seminar because it taught me better ways to study which will definitely get me better grades in my incoming Freshmen year.

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