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By: Cody, Emerald, Gabriel, Katherine, and Shante

Description Of Messina (Emerald)

    • Messina is the perfect island town in Sicily to visit any part of the year. During the summer you can partake in the swimming of the Messina Strait. Swimming might cold and dangerous, but trust me its not. Teams and boats are available to travel with you if you like. And as for the cold depths of the ocean the temperature usually stays at 73-77 degrees Fahrenheit. As for a winter or fall stay, this beautiful town is great for sightseeing. The architecture is truly beautiful to look at and captures Italy’s personality perfectly. change. Depending where you look, you may see a volcano or two.

      Much Ado About Nothing was written by Shakespeare, in the year 1598, but wasn't published until 1600. It was the setting was the port town of Messina on the island of Sicily. After the war Don Pedro and his companions decided to stop by the Leonato household. This play supposedly took place during the Renaissance, a time of creativity and exploration of the arts. Explaining why masquerades, songs, and poems were read or sung throughout the play.

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Conflict (Cody)

During the Elizabethan Era, a war was fought between Spain and England. This war lasted from 1585 to 1603. It originally started because Spain believed that Queen Elizabeth the First was a heretic and needed to be killed. They believed this because she was Protestant instead of Catholic. During the war, there were three separate Desmond Rebellions. These were in the 1560’s, 1570’s, and the 1580’s. The Earl of Desmond led his followers into a rebellion over the threat of the English rule over the Irish Province, Munster. This conflict relates to the conflict within MAAN because similar to how Spain believed Queen Elizabeth was a heretic, Claudio believed Hero was no longer a maiden. As said in MAAN Act 4 Scene 1 Page 2, “Sweet Prince, you learn me noble thankfulness.— There, Leonato, take her back again. Give not this rotten orange to your friend. She’s but the sign and semblance of her honor. Behold how like a maid she blushes here! Oh, what authority and show of truth Can cunning sin cover itself withal! Comes not that blood as modest evidence To witness simple virtue? Would you not swear, All you that see her, that she were a maid By these exterior shows? But she is none. She knows the heat of a luxurious bed. Her blush is guiltiness, not modesty.”

  • What problem-solving strategies can individuals use to manage conflict and change?
    • Individuals can take a break from everything and be alone for a hour or two and think about everything that is going on around them. This is so that the individual can devise a plan on how to properly manage the current conflict that is going on, or devise a plan on how to deal with the current change that is happening.
  • How does an individual’s point of view affect the way they deal with conflict?
    • What the person’s views are depends on how they deal with conflict. If a person is shy around others and does not really share their views with anyone, then the person will try to avoid conflict. If a person is outgoing and shares their views with everyone, then the person will may not try to avoid conflict.

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