My Beliefs
Brief History: The first person who founded this place is the holy one. He built this for a long time when he first found this. He found this area is in 500B.C. that is a long time ago. He thought that this area is peaceful so he can connect to people who are still alive.
Religion: Everyone who believe
in God and not try to hurt, change, or kill him is christian. A long time ago no one know who he is except for people who preyed for him and are the chosen one for a test or power. Some people believe in such thing and some people do believe in that because they to are christian. People who can believe in such thing god will answer to you.
Education: For everyone school starts when you are 4 years - 29 years old. Elementary and middle school is in one campus and highschool and college/university is on the other. It is the same thing like a regular school but everyone plays, study, and treat everyone with respect/respectfully. If you respect everyone then everyone will respect you.
Shelter: Everyone live in a really big city with 1,000,000,000 people for population. Everyone that live in a house is made out of gold inside and out and everything is made out of gold.
You can take a piece of gold for anything and get more gold and replace the piece and you can use silver and it will be really cool. Your shelter is big so expect big things.

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