Tell your story: It may save your life.

Storytelling has a transformative power, by understanding your story and plugging in at the right time you can heal yourself and positively impact those around you.

How does an infantryman, a grunt if you will, who spent a better part of his twenties getting shot at, blown up, and in a war zone only to come back with a case of PTSD and a feeling of worthlessness and failure become successful? It is pretty simple yet profound. I traded pain, depression and unhealthy coping mechanisms for storytelling. The transformative power of storytelling has been priceless for me. I believe it actually saved my life.

The chemical affects on your brain from a well-shared narrative have the similar make up of “feel good” drugs. You see, we are all going through things. We all suffer. We all hurt inside. But understanding and telling your story can open up worlds of opportunities. You have to understand that in many ways, we are exactly alike. In fact, I may be more broken then 90 percent of people that read this. I grew up in a less than ideal home in which my parents went through bouts of addiction and I myself went down less than desirable paths. So, How does someone like me, someone who was on a path for failure, not fail?

Transformative storytelling.

When I finally accepted my narrative and started telling it to others, it became therapy. Burdens were lifted, bad memories were put in proper perspective, and a positive future seemed like it could really happen. I will say it again, everyone is going through something, we all have stories to tell. The challenge I am leaving with you today is to tell it. In a time when everyone is telling you to Unplug I am telling you PLUG in at the right time. I first found my voice in Twitter. It gives you a platform to tell your story, to provide therapy, to challenge empathy and more importantly to create change. 500 million Tweets are sent per day. But that’s not why I Tweet. I’m not trying to get Kardashian-famous. I’m just trying to put one foot in front of the other. I’m a simple guy, 5’7” with a lazy eye and a lisp. Twitter doesn’t require good grammar, which is a major plus for a guy like me!

Telling your story is simple. It takes 1 image (your memory is shaped by lifelong associations which are mental make ups of images.), 3 defining characteristics of who you are, 6 words that make up your passion and no more than 140 Characters.

Change your community with your story

  • Understand your personal story
  • Share it with everyone you meet
  • Turn words into action through empathy

In transforming your life through telling your story, in providing self, healthy therapy you will reach over 284 million monthly active users in 37 different languages. That's just with Twitter. If you can impact just one of those people with your story you have made a difference. The challenge I am leaving with you today is to tell it. In a time when everyone is telling you to Unplug I am telling you PLUG in at the right time.

Find what medium works for you. I am going to challenge you to tell your story.

So... Will you tell it? Or die holding onto your words.

Whats your story? I am all ears. @jeremy_bay

RIP Nick

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3 years ago

Jeremy - do you ever listen to The Moth podcast? It is a great storytelling experience to listen! Another great one is Risk! Thanks for sharing your story.

3 years ago

I will def check it out thank you.