1/28/15      My Two opinion About Agreement and Disagreement!

1. " Laws Of Gods And Tradition Are More Important Than Laws Made By A Government. "

   I strongly agree with this statement because before everyone meet each other, everyone have follow the Laws Of Gods And Tradition which is very important and can affect them. Everyone had different Laws of Gods And Tradition where their ancestors from the pass have created for them. The Laws of Gods And Tradition are roles that everyone  put it top of them. The Laws That Made By A Government is not very important because its just something that everyone have to do in order to be right about things. The government is someone who want everyone to be equal and have the right but their laws doesn't change everything or everyone to be good. The Government's Law is not very powerful than The Laws Of Gods And Tradition.

2. " Our Lives Are Fated To Play Out In Certain Ways. "

   I Agree with this statement because all of us are born different and do things differently. Families can be separated which make us be apart and might don't even know our own siblings. All of us are born to have many heart of doing, treating, and looking at each person. Fate is a path that God have created and give it to us to cross because of being born to have a life on earth. There are so many bad and good ways that we'll come by and make mistakes. Almost everyone wouldn't like the fate that he or she has to be. Fate is similar to destiny because it's the hidden power that control us to walk on the path of the future or next steps.