Sending nice e-mails to people

Cora Grubbs pd. 9

1.) Send friendly comments to your teacher or friends if you have a question.

Ex: It is important because so people won't thing you are mean to them.

2.) Check your e-mail to make sure it is polite because you will never know when it would send to everyone.

Ex: Always do it because you would of sayed somthing mean inside of the message.

3.)Add your -( first name, last name, what class period it is, and what time).

Ex: That is why you should add thoswe so the teacher would know who it is and what you need help on with what you are struggling on...

4.) You should not send text-speak to your teachers they would probably wouldn't reply back.

Ex: They probably wouldn't know who it is and what it stands for.

5.) You should use correct capitalization, usage, punctuation, and good spelling.

Ex: The teachers would probably check your words and capitilization like that and if it's not right then they would say somthing back that it doesn't look right.

6.) Have positive background information, and type what the project is because that person won’t know what you’ll need help with and they might not reply back.

Ex: So they would understand what the information is about.

7.) Having signatures tells the person who you are and what you wanted help with.

Ex: Don't use signitures that doesn't make sence or doesn't have your name in it...use a classic signiture so they understand.

8.) Having smiley faces means to the teacher that you are being very respectful about what you wanted and they would send messages back nicely also.

Ex: Says to that person that you are happy with what you sent and what you are acting right now.

9.) Never send bad pictures to that person so you won’t get in trouble from that person.

Ex: Because that's why because that person would foward it to other people so you could get in trouble.

10.) Don’t send games or jokes to your teachers

Ex: They might think it doesn't make sence and won't think it's that funny.

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