The weather in Seville

We┬┤re Rebeca, Macarena, Elena and Ana. We are going to talk about the weather and the seasons in our land, Sevilla.


Spring is the best season for coming to our city becouse it is cool and sunny though it sometimes rains.

Temperatures are wonderful and there are many traditional celebrations such us ``Feria'' and Holly week. You can enjoy a lot on Feria, where you dance dressed up with tipical andalucian dresses and a big rose on your head. It is the favourite one. Holly week is a religious celebration that is a representation of Jesus Christ's passion and death. It consist of a procesion along the streets that get to Seville's famous cathedral ang go back to its church.

Streets have a really nice atmosphere and gardens are very beautiful with flowers during the spring week.

Here in Seville it is the favourite season along with summer because of nice temperatures and holidays.


In this season it's very hot. People who live in Seville only can hang out after 19:00 or 20:00 pm. because the temperature is very high. There aren't many things to do in summer because of the heat the people usually go to the beach, to the country side or another places. Beachs most visited in Andalucia are the ones from Huelva and Cadiz. If you come here you might like going to a theme park called ''Isla Magica'' there are some water ride. Other place where you can go is to the ''Guadalpar'' that is theme park too.


In this season the weather is changeable because the firts part of autumm is really hot and then it passes very quickly to the cold and also it's the season where it rains more. All the leaves are falen down and the result is a beautiful landskape.

In autumm there's only one country celebration, where it's remembered all dead people and it's common go into mass and the next morning the people go to the cementery and put many flowers in their dead's grave.

But now it's also celebrated Halloween where the young people go to parties and dress up with scary costumes.


Seville's streets are full of people and ornaments in this season.

There are many cafes where you can have a cup of chocolate. In some parks are colocated ice rink where you can go skating and have a good time with friends or family.

It's typical to have a big dinner the night of Chritsmast Eve and then the next Christmast day we have a nice lunch with family.

Some other important dates are night of New Year Eve, in which most of the young people go to parties after eaten a dozen of grapes. This is a spanish tradition. It consist in eating twelve grapes when the clocks strikes twelve and in each second we eat a grape. The other important date is the day before the Three wise men are coming and the day they come. All the children are so excited about going to the parades, where there are thrown sweets and candies, after watching it, they go to bed early because they're waiting to see what have the Three wise men brought to them.


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