I like to play video games with my friends. I always like to travel if its to far places, sometimes i don't really wanna go anywhere. I like to go to school sometimes the other times i'm just like ugh.

1. One thing about me is that i love playing video games with my friends like i said. My number 1 game that i love to play is Destiny. I have gotten at least 3 friends to get this game so we can play lol. I just like playing games over all with my friends.

2. The second thing about me is that i hate sports with a burning passion. I just don't get them they just confuse me i don't understand them. People just try to get me to like them but i'm like nope nope its actually really funny.

3. The third thing about me is that i don't really watch any t.v I don't really like watching it. I don't understand how people can sit there and just watch it for hours. But I will watch it if there's nothing to do in the house.

My Goals

1. One of my goals is that i want to become a video game developer. I want to take some classes to help me learn how to program and edit stuff for games.

2. The second goal of mine is that i want scuba dive with sharks or deep in the ocean. I want to take some classes to learn how to scuba dive so i can be ready.

3. The third goal of mine is i want to travel to California, it would be so cool to travel to California. I want to fly there so its not as long as driving.

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