Hello, My name is John Burnside. I was born and raised in Albany, New York. I was a smart young boy and grew up to own a business of making shoes. When I heard about this war. I was ready. Ever since Abraham Lincoln got elected, I knew the south wouldn't just sit around. When I was asked to become the General of the North, I was flattered, but I expected it. I was very well known across the North for my business and I was strongly against slavery. Leaving for the war would be hard for my wife and kids though. My son and I did a lot of the outside work, and I couldn't just leave him alone to do it himself. Also, My daughter and wife already have a handful of chores to do and now they would have to help with the outside.

____________________________ Journal Entry #2 _______________________________

John Burnside: Good Morning Men!

Brian: Why so early? I was snug as a bug

John Burnside: Looks like you’ve been through the mill

Brian: all these men are fit to be tied and played out, let them sleep

John Burnside: Just starting toeing the mark and get all ‘em men up we got some pepperboxes to shoot

Brian: Fine but if you want us to win the war you will have to let us get some sleep so we can be fit as a fiddle

John Burnside: The war life is definitely a hard case

This is a picture of the flag that we put up at our campground.

_____________________________Journal Entry #3________________________________

Dear Mama,

I have spent the past couple days at camp and they have been the longest days of my life. You see, I have been working the privates hard. All day I drill them in groups of 20 or more. At night I sit by a campfire planning for the next day. Today actually I caught a private trying to steal some food from his friend, I made him carry a log all day because that behavior is not acceptable. I need to teach him discipline and i'm pretty sure I did just that. Everyday more and more soldiers seem to hate me. I can understand why, but they want to win the war don't they? Well I will write to you as soon as I get all these soldiers trained, may take a while don't expect a letter anytime soon!


                                                                                  John Burnside

P.S. below is a picture of one of the blankets I was given, It has holes in it! What kind of blanket is that?

___________________________Journal Entry #4________________________________

When creating our story we read pages 1, 2, 3,4,7,11

INTERVIEW QUESTION #1: Jeremiah, when you chose to board the train, what caused you to make that choice?                                                                                         Jeremiah: I think that it was important to stay with my brother, he is my family of course and since I lost my mother, i couldn't bare to lose my brother. And besides war will probably be short might as well fight.

INTERVIEW QUESTION #2: Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

Jeremiah: I guess I am proud about deciding to fight, my country needed me I need to defend for them. Besides, We own slaves and we do not want the north taken our property away from us.

INTERVIEW QUESTION #3: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Jeremiah: I wish my mom would of lived. If I would've stayed home...things, well, they might of been different. I could of just stayed and not risked a thing. I do miss her lots.

INTERVIEW QUESTION #4: Jeremiah, How will it affect the South to have nearly every battle in its territory?

Jeremiah: Well personally, I think there are many positives and negatives. One positive might be that we will know the land which will make it easier to fight. A negative might be though  is a lot of land and people lives will be ruined. For example if a house and a farm are where the war is taking place, the house can get ruined and then they would have no where to live.

___________________________Journal Entry #5_________________________________

we shot

we fought

our lives in danger

the war isn’t ending soon

we won

we lost

life is getting harder

the victory will soon be ours

don’t you ever say

we will lose today

this isn’t over yet

this side is the best

we will not rest

who will win

We come in running with our guns

ready to fight you off

all we want is your fort

all this is over slavery

yeah slavery-y-y-y

___________________________Journal Entry #6__________________________________

Days are getting very long now. In the beginning of the winter things were fun, soldiers were hopeful of winning the war. Soldiers play cards and chess and tell jokes. We also sung a lot which was very fun. When I get back home I will have to sing you some of these songs. Now things have changed. People have stopped enjoying life here. We are also running out of food. I no longer get a full meal. I am eating lots of "Hard Tack" which is water, flour and critters. You hardly notice them if you eat it fast. I am getting hungrier and hungrier and my mouth is getting more dry everyday. Fighting seems like it is never going to happen again. I'll write when the weather gets better

                                                                                        - John Burnside

P.S. this is a picture of some cards we use to play games to help pass time.

___________________________Journal Entry #7__________________________________

Dear Journal,

Today I witnessed the most horrifying thing. I saw a amputation. You see we have just come back from battle and lots of men were injured. I was checking on my colonel to see if he was alright. When I walked in, all i saw was this young boy's finger go straight off with a knife that looked as though it hadn't be cleaned in years. It was devastating. I turned away and then when I turned back all i saw was lots of blood and the next man coming in. The following day I got diarrhea. I thought I was going to die. The day before many soldiers died because of this and I was nervous I was going to be the next. My privates need me to win the war.

                                                   With Love,

                                                           John Burnside

P.S. this picture was taken by a onlooker, I thought it captured the battle well.

______________________________Journal Entry #8_______________________________

The war is over. I never thought I would be saying those words. I am on my way back home from Virginia to Albany, New York I have a six day trip ahead and I decided I would write one more letter that I would give to you when I got home. The war ended when the confederate armies surrendered. All my men fought long and hard during this, but it was worth it. Most men are going home with minimal bruises and shots. I never got shot, but I did suffer some deadly disease such as Diarrhea and pink eye.

5 days later...

I'm home! I have missed my family dearly! When I got home my wife and kids met me right at the door with big hugs. I  was so glad to see them happy and healthy.  My children have grown up a lot since last time I saw them. I was so glad to have a house instead of a tent and I am most excited for the clean water. I missed my company also. Although I lost contact from many of my soilders, I still got some letters days after the war about somee soilders lives.  I also got letters that l said that they were still fighting. Which I was very thankful for.

                                      So glad I am home, with love,

                                                                   John Burnside - General of Union Army

P.s. I know you probably didn't need a picture of this candle, since it is in your house but I decided to put it in here because we didn't have candles at the campground and I wanted to show the difference.

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