By: Dylan Kersey

Medicine... My Case Is Closed.

What is Iodine? Iodine is a non-metal that is represented by I on the periodic table. It is in period 5, group 17, can you find it? Iodine's boiling point is 184 C and melts at 114 C. This element was discovered by "Bernard Courtois in 1811".

Iodine is found in sea waters.

Uses of Iodine:
if you get Radiation Exposure if you treat it within 20 minutes with this you would be fine.
Thyroid Conditions helps with the feeling of burning in your thyroid.
Skin damage made by fungus gets rid of the fungus

Rank 'em Reasons:

I ranked the biological need 4  1/2 stars because you need medicine if you get cut or injured.


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