ecosystem portfolio

grassland ecosystem

biotic factors

grass, trees , zebras, buffalo, lions,

abiotic factors

grass, trees, the sun, wind, rain

carrying capacity

they need water and sunlight to survive

define carrying capacity-the number of organisms  that can feel up something

recourses needed water sunlight and grass shelter

this is what a grassland with not enough resourses looks like

limited factors

there are limited of grass because of the consumers

define limited factors a factor that is limited in a enviormentr

predator and prey relationships

one of the limited factors in my picture is water

a correct predator in predator prey relationship the fox to the snake  

energy roles

define producer a plant that get its energy from the sun and feeds consumers

define herbivores and animal that eats plants and meat

define omnivore a animal that eats dead things

define carnivores a animal that eats meat

define decomposers and animal that breaks down dead things

food web and food chains

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2 years ago

The information is getting there, but you need to make sure that you have complete sentences. Make sure to add pictures to step 2,3 and 4.