Tang Dynasty

This is a map of the tang dynasty. they did how ever spread farther east

The Tang Dynasty replaced the Sui Dynasty in 617. The Tang kept the mandate of heaven for almost 300 years. China became powerful and wealthy under the Tang. One Tang emperor, T'ai Tsung ruled from 627 to 649. T'ai Tsung made China safe by defeating enemies. He added new lands to China.T'aiTsung chose strong leaders. He beileved it was better to have good leaders than good laws. T'ai Tsung accepted new ideas. Buddhism spread
into China during the Tang Dynasty. Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Islam were introduced to China through trade with the west. The local beliefs in Confucianism and Daoism also grew during the Tang Dynasty. One of only a few female rulers in Chinese history was the Tang ruler Empress Wu. She came to power when her husband died in 690. She ruled for 15 years. Empress Wu was a stern ruler. She had many of her enemies killed. She taxed the peasents heavily. Empress Wu also wanted to spread Buddhism throughout China. She favored Buddhism because, unlike other religions, it allowed women to be rulers. The Tang Dynasty fell in 907. For the next 53 years, China had no central government. This time is known as the 5 Dynastys. There were five small Dynastys that came to power and fell during these years

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