How was tea time with death?

The article " Eating too much added sugar may be killing " made me ponder about my sugar habits and even though I was already aware of the high counts of sugar I take in I've never felt guilty about it up until i read read the article." Johnson says that people need to cut back on added sugars " , before this article it was just my mother telling me about my deadly sugar intakes , now it's the American Heart Association , professors from Harvard and scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are  also telling me the exact thing but with actual facts and research at their side. I do believe the article was correct because its a proven fact that sugar does impact your health in a negative way. The author even included many statistics so the reader can understand the the information presented is based on research, science and heavy back up information, making the article factual opposed to opinionated. One of the highest forms of daily sugar intake is coffee , " Major sources of added sugar in Americans' diets are sugar sweetened beverages". Cut back on sugar and especially your daily Starbucks visit people ! #whattheheartwants

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3 years ago

Guilty! But I do minimize frequent treks to Starbucks because I can't afford it! Very nice job on this Tackk, and what a great visual.