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A Woman and a Person Killed During Attack

BACKGROUND: What is happening in Ukraine?

-Early in 2014 the Ukrainian President declined to make a trade agreement with the EU

-On February 22 2014 angry citizens overthrew the government, but the new government was very nationalistic

-On March 16, citizens in Crimea voted to join Russia

-Russian special forces and pro-Russian separatist forces (Donetsk People’s Republic Luhansk People’s Republic) are attempting to secede from Ukraine


Overview: Ukrainian officials believe that Russian separiststs are preparing for a major attack on Ukraine, and both sides of the conflict are accusing each other of preparing for attacks and disrupting peace.  There have been reports of the pro-Russian side, especially, stocking up weapons, tanks, and troops.  Russia has denied supporting the separiststs, but evidence suggests otherwise.  Ukraine is currently building defenses in preparation for attack, and the U.S. has sent paratroopers to train the Ukrainian National Guard.


Countries invloved: Ukraine, Russia, and various other counties trying to diffuse the issue (including the USA)

Main opponents: Ukrainian Government v. Pro-Russian separatists and allegedly Russian Special Forces

The conflict: While fighting is mainly occurring between Ukrainian soldiers and voluntary soliders from separatist regions, separatists have been laying siege to towns and involving civilians in the fight.  Overall, one million people have been displaced from their homes.  While there is currently a cease fire in effect, both sides have been accused of stockpiling arms and preparing for a major assault, especially the separatist side.

Cause of conflict: Supposedly, Russia annexed the seceding regions of Ukraine to prefect them from the new nationalist government.  However, in the process of secession, much violence has occured, and some have accused Russia of annexing these countries for political expansion.  Ukraine is fighting back to defend itself from separatist troops, and to regain the seceding regions.

Other options: While officials have made attempts to negotiate various treaties and cease-fires, these have had little success.  Despite an active cease-fire, fighting and attacks on Ukrainian military/noncombatants have remained heavy in many areas.


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