Sodium Carbonate

My Chemical Formula Is Na2CO3
By Jack Kennedy and Taylor Means

Hello, My Name Is Sodium Carbonate

I have 3 elements in me- sodium, carbon, and oxygen and 6 atoms make me whole- 2 sodium, 1 carbon, and 3 oxygen. A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together so… my molecule is Na2CO3. Particles are the smallest piece of any substance like me. And particles make up the 6 atoms that fill me. Well, since I am the toughest out of all of you (I can burn through flesh! Sick!), my most common nick name is baking soda, and I get the job done. When you got dirty clothes, you can count on me, when you need to remove stains, like grease, oil, wine, etc... Gone! Making a cake? Without me, your cake would be as flat as a pancake (no pun intended). But, if you're in an emergency, sorry, I'm Non-Flammable, so no help there. I effect the community because I can become a dangerous carbon monoxide gas if I come into contact with foods that contain reducing sugars. And If I am swallowed, especially in a large amount, I can burn your mouth, throat, and stomach. So over all, if you use me the way you're not supposed to, it will be very painful.


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