Everything is Finally Coming Together-Translation!

By: Sylvia Coletti, Catriona Macgregor and Carley Scott

Hey guys!! In class today for the warm up we will be playing a game known as Headbands. First we would like for you to divide your selfs into three groups of four and chose a set of desks to sit at. There is a card turned upside down on the desk...DO NOT LOOK AT THIS CARD.  We will come around and tape this to one of your foreheads and the game will begin.

For the lesson today we will be doing a translation from stage 30. Stay split in your warmup groups and begin translating, then highlight the grammar you find in pink.

For group 1 find and identify three clauses that use the subjunctive tense.

For the second group find and identify one clause that uses the subjunctive tense as well as find an irregular verb and conjugate it in the present indicative case.

The third group, find and identify theee clauses that use the subjunctive tense and are all different.

Lastly, for the fourth group, find and identify one clause, find a superlative degree, find an ablative of agent (hint: a/ab). Every 3 lines come up to us and we will check what you have done and help make any corrections if needed.

Once you have completed your translation you can begin drawing a storyboard for the events in the translation. As soon as everyone is finished with their storyboards we will go around the room and each group will summarize what happened in the translation.  Next you will nominate one member from your group to come up to the front of the room with the storyboard and y'all can put them in order based on the translations.

Next for the cool-down y'all will do a crossword with vocab from stages 27-30  in your groups. Once you finish you can come get a cupcake for your participation in our lesson.❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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