Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

Pure Substances and Elements

A pure substance is a substance in which there is only one type of particle.

Elements are pure substances that cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or chemical means.

Here are some examples of Elements: Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel.

Elements Continued

Elements can be identified by there boiling point, melting point, and density.

The examples above of elements all have 3 things in common.

1: Very high melting points. Cobalt: 1,495 degrees celsius Iron: 1535 degrees celsius and Nickel: 1455 degrees celsius.

2: High Density.

3: Good conductors.

A compound is something that is of 2 or more elements that were chemically combined.

Properties of Compounds

Some of the properties of compounds is that each compound has its own physical properties. Some of the physical properties are melting point, density, and color. Compounds can also be identified by their different chemical properties. A few of these chemical properties are that some compounds react with acid and others react to light.

A compound however, can be broken down back into its elements by chemical changes. Some other compounds however, break down to form simpler compounds instead of elements. These simpler compounds can still be broken down further until they get back into there original elements. For example when you open a carbonated beverage, carbonic acid breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide and water can the be broken down into the elements of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen through chemical changes.

Common Compounds

A few common compounds would be well to start. You, the clothes that you wear, aluminum and ammonia.

Mixtures split into simpler mixtures.

One way to do this is through distillation. The way that distillation works is that it seperates a mixture based on the boiling points of the components. One example of this is, if you boil water with salt in it. If you do this the water will slowly go into the air a water vapor and the salt will be all that is left.


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