The Whipper Snapper 3 - C17

WIK/What I Know

  • Two people are outside the whipper snapper 3
  • Those two people are Tom and Hector
  • Gwen's house didn't last for long
  • The Whipper Snapper 3 contains solar power charge
  • The house runs on magnetic generator
  • The house was abandoned
  • The house is a sales model home
  • The house is really warm
  • The plants were natural
  • Rotten fruits and vegetable were spread around the house
  • Tom and Hector were hungry
  • Tom and Hector loved the food
  • The seeds for the plants are very expensive
  • Gwen thought people are annoying
  • Tom thinks it the end of the world

SOE/Sequences Of Events

  • Gwen was eating
  • Hector hugged Gwen , and so did Tom
  • Gwen was in tears of joy
  • Gwen showed them the Whipper Snapper 3
  • Gwen was reading books that were in the house
  • Tom forgot to get his mom, food and medicine
  • Gwen gave some food and medicine, to Tom
  • Gwen was acting like a saint
  • Gwen was building something
  • Gwen was making alcohol, instead of  the use ethanol


Gwen Jones : Gwen Jones seems to be a person who is really nice, but just because of her looks, people judge her thinking that she is harsh and rude "Don't judge a book by its cover" is a quote for this situation. She cares for other people, but she doesn't show it often, because she has no one to show it for, due to the way she looks.

Tom Harris : In this chapter, Tom was careless, he forgot to buy food and medicine for his mom, who is really sick.If it weren't for Gwen, Tom's mom would be in a terrible condition than how she is right now

Snap Shot

I am displaying this picture as my "snapshot" because, in the house Gwen, Tom and Hector were in, there was rotten fruits and vegetables spread around the place.