Dylan Wickline

March 24, 2015
Aha moment

I seen a lot of Aha moments in this book so far, how could a teenager spray paint the school. Tyler wanted to make a name for himself and get noticed by people. Now he is serving parole. Tyler has to work for free and go to a parole officer. Tyler was nothing and he wanted people to know his name for once and not walk threw him. Well he did  this amazing thing and know he got taller and stronger. He is known by everyone and he is happy for what he did. I think I would the same thing but get away with it and leave my wallet there so the cops can trace it back to me. I think was a good way to get a name.

March 25, 2015
Tough question

As i see Tyler and Bethany get closer more things happen. Tyler had a crush on her since they were little. Bethany liked him too but not so long ago, only when he got bad and bigger she started to liked him. While they get closer bad things start happening like her brother is getting madder by the second when he see's them together. But at the party he doesn't want to go as far as she wants him to do so she gets mad and gets pay back but kissing someone else. What will happen when they see each other again. I think she was drunk and didn't think all good and did something dumb. If she did do it and didn't want to see Tyler anymore.

MArch 26, 2015
Again and Again

While i read this im seeing that its an again and again. Tyler is going through a hard time with is father and people a school. He wanted to kill himself a lot and thought of different ways for it. He wanted to be neat, messy, and the most legendary way. He thinking on how and where to do it like the school is room or a lake in Minnesota. Tyler thinks he just messed up the world even more then it was already. I do not think this is right for any kid to think of ths and for any other kid to make someone else to make them do that. Tyler or anyone as a lot to live for and never think of this. Tyler want through this by himself and no one even knew and they couldn't help.

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