5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Child from Getting Stuck in the Cracks

#1 The Academic Crack: Have your child take a FREE Diagnostic test provided through Accelerated Christian Education, Inc (www.aceministries.com). The results will show you the subject areas that need to be taught or retaught to your child. Also, the test results will determine your child’s level of academic ability.

#2 The Academic Fit: Consider enrolling your child in an educational program that provides a Biblical education, character development program, and student-centered instruction. Learning must be the goal.

#3 The Academic Fitness Coach: Ponder securing a private tutor for your child to advise and provide academic support. Tutors do not have to be expensive. There are caring adults and peers that have mastered academic subjects and would be more than willing to give their time. Make sure some sessions focus on acquiring study skill sets. Notetaking skills, test taking strategies, and time management skills are great tools to put into your child’s academic tool box.

#4 Their Uniqueness: Identify the gifts, talents, and interests of your child, and find activities, mentors, and programs to develop and strengthen their unique abilities. Intelligences come in multiple forms. Students gifted with mental abilities excel in academic environments. Be your child’s #1 fan, and applaud their achievements!

#5 The Memories: Lastly, create wonderful and pleasant memories with your child, and for your child. Your presence of time, love, and continual encouragement will give your child a sense of purpose, and destiny. Your child will cherish their relationship with you, and learn to direct their behavior to what pleases you. They will choose your approval over the approval of their peers. A parent’s unconditional love is eternal.

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