Instructional Technology News
May 2017

End of Year Procedures

All technology should be properly stored for the summer.  Please be sure you are following the campus procedures and contact your administrator if you have any questions.

Google Classroom Cleanup

Need assistance with cleaning up those Google Classrooms you have spent all year utilizing?  Check these tips out to get yourself organized!

The New Google Earth

This last week might be a perfect chance for you to test drive the new Google Earth!  There are so many ways we can use maps and virtual Earth tours in our discussions throughout our lessons.  You might look at the setting of a story, discuss physical attributes of the earth, discover cultures in different parts of the world, or utilize a multitude of other ideas you can explore.  Google Earth has recently been re-developed with new features and graphics that can beat out ANY video game your kids are playing!  

Summer Professional Development

When our kids come back in the fall, often times we see how they have "lost" some of their learning!  Don't let that happen to you!  As educators, you know the power of life-long learning so take the opportunity to develop your professional skills this summer!  Check out the offerings from staff development and join us for EdCamp 2017!

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