Final Project


This movie is about the first Black baseball player named Jackie Robinson. It may not seem that interesting to a person who doesn't know about the history of baseball, but it made a big impact with me. When I look at this poster, I wanted to see this movie because I wanted to know more about the story. The poster stands out because it shows Jackie standing on the baseball field in his Brooklyn Dodgers jersey surrounded by cameramen and reporters. The words “The True Story of An American Legend” and him being surrounded by the reporters gives people, who know about baseball, the idea that the movie is about Jackie Robinson and the struggles he faced when he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. The other words, “In a game divided by color, he made us see greatness” signifies the importance of the first African-American baseball player and how his skills made him successful, not just the fact that he was the first African-American player. It could make people who know about the history of baseball want to see the movie to see the life of Jackie during his first season. It may intrigue people who don’t know about baseball to want to see the movie because they could be curious about why an African-American baseball player is surrounded by cameras and reporters while a game is going on.


I believe that movies will be accessed more through streaming and on-line services in the future. Netflix, Redbox, and YouTube have become a much more popular way for people to watch movies. I think movie theaters will become an obsolete way of viewing movies. Movie theaters are charging a lot of money in order for customers to buy the candy, slushies, and popcorn. 2 movie tickets, large popcorn, large slushie, and some candy at a theater can cost you close to $40. When you could get all that from a convenience store for around $10 and stream a movie through the services of YouTube or Netflix for free or get one from Redbox for $1. People can save close to $30 just by not going to watch a movie when it comes out in theaters and waiting to watch it on the streaming sites or getting it from Redbox a month or 2 after it is available in theaters. New movies that are being marketed for YouTube and Netflix could be shown before everything you watch on those sites. Redbox could include previews for movies that they will be featuring when you are ordering your movies.


The trailer for Space Jam starts with a lot of clips about the beginning of the movie. It shows Michael Jordan being pulled into Looney Tune land and meeting all of the popular Looney Tune characters. They give the idea that Jordan will be playing basketball against large aliens. It also hints that something is wrong with Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, and Charles Barkley because they show the 5 of them in a hospital being led by a doctor and 3 of them hitting their heads on the wall and falling over. It teases the plot line when it shows Michael and the Tunes in the jerseys and on a basketball court. There is a little bit of the climax shown when Bill Murray is trying to draw up a play when it seems like an intense moment in the game. The whole trailer gives the general feel of the movie of the movie because it is a sports movie and is a humorous movie because it shows a lot of clips with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes.



This story is about a High School stadium in Texas that cost 60 million dollars to build that is being closed just 18 months after it was completed because of cracks in the structure. It was built in 2012 as part of a 120 million dollar bond issue. It can seat up to 18,000 people and has a 38-foot-wide video board. Pogue Construction was responsible for this build. When they were questioned, they said that they have long been part of the solution to the stadium. The owner, Ben Pogue believes that they should be able to fix the stadium quickly and it shouldn’t have any effect on the upcoming football stadium. This relates to the topics we have covered in class because it is giving the public an inside look. The news story comes with a video about the stadium and the problems it has. The public is able to learn more about the stadium and the town that it is in.

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