Thousand Words ~By:Jennifer Brown
Schuyler Hissem

March 24, 2015
memory moment

she talks about how close her and her dad used to be how they had conversations every day but now, she hasn't talked to him since "the incident". but all of the sudden her mom cant pick her up after community serves...  and her community serves is at the same building as her dads work so he has to take her home.. she walks in and waves to him and tries to get his attention and he doesn't notice her because hes on the phone.. this could either go good or really bad....

March 25, 2015

"i never knew it was offenders writing them? and i certainly never would have guessed that someday be one of those offenders.."she always thought that she was that inocent girl that would never do anything bad. now she has a blemish on her permanant record and make a pamphlet that other kids will be reading about the dangours of sexting.

March 26
contrast and contradictions?

"this is the real reason i was cranky." its very different from ashleigh's normal personality. usually shes just like every other teen calm, cool , and colected. but now all the sudden out of no where shes angry and upset? heres why,"not because of an exhausting run, but because instead of dancing or drinking or floating lazily on a raft with my boyfriend, i was going to be doing those things alone." that is why shes angry shes having relationship troubles (just like any other teen).

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