Masada Project

By Fernando Chapa

Here I will explain every structure from the video in order. There is a video of the project at the very bottom of the tackk.

The History of Masada

The Masada fortress was built in 30 BC by King Herod. In 68 BC, Masada was conquered by a group of Jewish people and they made it their home fortress. In 72BC the Romans conquered Masada by building a huge ramp on the western side. In 73BC, the 960 Jewish people living there chose to commit suicide rather than getting killed or enslaved by the Romans.

The Geography of Masada

Masada is a diamond-shaped flat plateau. Its length is about 650 meters long by 400 meters wide. Rising 450 meters above the Dead Sea, Masada overlooks the desert to the East and the Dead Sea to the west.

The Outer Structure of Masada

Surrounding the outside of the top of Masada is a thick wall, which is three-quarters of a mile long. The inner wall  was 3 feet thick, while the outer wall was 5. This wall was very strong but even with the thickness of it, the Romans were able to knock it down with a giant ram.

The Outline of Masada

In the front, we have the North Palace, and then the Middle Palace. For some reason they put most of their structures packed together near the north and middle palace and had big areas near the south with nothing on them just flat land area.

Room #1 The Storage Room Complex

In the beginning when King Herod was in Masada, he built a big store room complex. It is located near the North side. Here they were able to store food and water. Adjacent to the Storage Rooms were the baths.

Room #2 The Baths

The bath complex is one of the main buildings in Masada. It is made of 4 rooms- the changing room, and there’s three baths that are cold, warm and hot. First we have the Apoditerium which is the changing room. The walls were usually decorated with paintings and this was the first room you went to when taking a bath. After you get ready you go to the tepidarium which is the warm room so you can warm up. Then you go to the caldarium which is the hot room. Under the caladarium is a very unique heating system where the warm air from the fire heats the bottom of the room which heats the water. After that you can finish off in the frigidarium which is the cold room.

Room #3 The Western Palace

The Western Palace is the largest building in Masada. It had 4 main sections all surrounding one big courtyard. The rooms were incredibly large, being decorated by paintings, mosaic floors and ionic columns. This was the main administration center in Masada.

Room #4 King Herod's Palace

On the very north tip of Masada we have King Herod's Palace. Being separated by a huge wall from the rest of the mountain, this was the most private place there. He had very luxurious things including 3 decks with an incredible view. To get to the decks he had a rock-cut private staircase. This was most likely the coolest place in Masada.

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