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Nature Walk at Lake Katherine

I went on a Nature walk with Cara Stevens and      at Lake Katherine in Palos. We walked around the path around a very nice lake. On our walk we often went down paths not visible at first. These paths were the best part because they were hidden and harder to walk down.

All around us was different aspects of nature that are very unique. We noticed a ton of phenology as the leaves are all different colors and leaves splattered the ground we walked on. At times we walked in silence and we could hear the crunch of the dying leaves, chirps of birds or the buzzing of the bees covering the flowers and weeds.

A nature walk did not sound that fun at first and I expected to be bored throughout the entire thing but it was surprisingly peaceful and relaxing. It was very nice to walk through  the quietness of nature and observe all the things I don't get to see everyday because I don't take the time to notice them.

The worst part of the walk was the liter we saw; mainly beer cans. I tried to pick up a couple of them but there were not enough garbage cans so I made a little pile of it where I saw a lot of it and hopefully  worker or someone with a bag finds it to pick it up. I did not realize how much I hate litter until I saw it at Lake Katherine because it is so nice there and little things like that ruin it.

To finish off our walk we went by the water falls and observed. Now although there was a funky smell it was still very nice over there and peaceful to listen to the waterfalls. My nature walk is something I would definitely do in the future though unfortunately I probably won't do it because I would not do it by myself since I would look very weird so unless my friends would go with me then....

Climate Change Scrambles
Arctic Food Chain

This article is about the newly developing spring and fall blooming of phytoplankton which is a major food source of small fish and bottom feeders in the arctic ocean. They used to only develop in the spring but now with the fall it could throw off the entire ecosystem and food chain. The development of these is also a sign of the drastically changing ice formations as they are also showing up in places where they could not before because of the ice. The ice changes also shows the changing climate and different degrees of water temperature.

This is a very concerning matter because it can affect other changes in ecosystems too near us because as the ice melts more water is in the oceans. This also shows global warming which is affecting the entire world today and all of this can display to us how fast it is occurring because there is less ice everywhere around the arctic each year. Global warming is very interesting to me so hearing this is interesting and maybe I will read another article on this to see other things going on around the world concerning global warming.

India River Pollution: 80 Percent of Indian Sewage Flows Untreated Into Country's Rivers

80% of sewage in India is untreated and goes right into the nation's drinking water. They produce millions of liters of waste each day and only approximately 20% gets treated. The government does absolutely nothing to regulate the amount of waste let in or how it is treated. Companies let in obnoxious amounts in each day. The country's nitrate level is way to high and is expected to go up. The fact that  out of 8,000 towns only 160 have sewage systems and cleansing treatment. The country also recently had a flood covering towns in sewage up to the people's knees. The country is in a real pickle and nothing is being done.

This is absolutely disgusting. The fact that a government could allow this to happen is awful and shows how lucky I am. Something needs to be done for the sake of those people and their health. No person in the 21st century should have to live in those conditions and everyone should have the right to have good clean drinking water. As of the date of this paper being published nothing is being done but hopefully actions are being taken to improve the lively hoods of these poor people.

Marry Me Olivia ~Love Mike

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3 years ago

Nice job, Brian! I'm glad you are concerned for the people in India!! 50/50

3 years ago

hey did you have fun at Lake Katherine?