Rocks are Rockers


Rocks can be formed in many different ways. Its so much fun to learn how their made and how they change.

Remember that….

Igneous rocks are formed with heat and  pressure, metamorphic rocks are changed to different rocks with heat, and sedimentary rocks are created with a lot of pressure and by the process of erosion.

In this video it says how these rocks are made. Also their story i will explain a little more if  you did not understand it.

igneous rocks:

Are formed by a lot of heat and pressure. Made into rocks when a volcano erupts.                    When the lava hits the air it cools down and turns into igneous rocks.

metamorphic rocks:

Are formed with heat and pressure If you look closely you'll be able to see some crystals in it. Some of them are called quartzite,marble,slate. Slate is a metamorphic rock thats formed from the sedimentary rock, limestone.

sedimentary rocks:

Are formed by sediment that is deposited over time, usually layers at the bottom of lakes,seas, and oceans. The sediment can include minerals small pieces of plants and animals and other organic matter. Example of sedimentary rocks limestone,sandstone, and claystone.

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