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The passing of a loved one is a very difficult time for the family and having a trusted advisor available to assist your loved ones can be a great comfort. Corliss, A Law Corporation approaches this difficult time with compassion and understanding and makes every effort to ease the transition process.

It is at that time that your Trustee, usually a family member, contacts us for assistance with the administration of the estate.

Gathering the Estate

We hold a preliminary meeting with you, the Trustee and other concerned family members, to gather all of the pertinent information about the decedent, all of the important estate documents, and financial data. We discuss the preliminary information about the estate and explain the process ahead. Evaluation

Before going further, we review existing estate documents, both the financial information and property information. The number and nature of these estate documents and any other related legal documents determine the complexity of the estate's administration, and whether or not you will need our specialized services.

Initial Visit

Once we have performed our review, we meet with you to discuss the legal documents and asset structure of the estate. We provide a detailed overview of the estate administration process. Through in-depth conversation we come to understand your family dynamics, your needs and desires.

Based on what we learn in these conversations, we outline our recommendations, including all fees, deadlines, and responsibilities. We outline the tasks that lie ahead so that family members understand each step and the approximate time line. Together, we transform complex financial and emotional considerations into a workable and understandable plan.

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