Fabien's Music Memory List


W.C Handy grew up in a log cabin in Alabama with his father who was minister and very poor. Born in 1875 and died in 1958 and Handy became known as the Father of the Blues. William’s father said that all music is bad except church music. William was a good student at school and enjoyed school too. He was the happiest student in his singing class for one hour each day.

He was the first person to write down and published paper. W.C Handy St. Louis Blues immediately.W.C. continued to write music and publish blues song’s. William began to play with band in his hometown of Florence, Alabama, and afterwards he stayed with music as a career. He did very sad, funny thought ,rhythmic pattern, flatted or slurred, and jazz music. The blues tempo is usually slow steady in 4/4 meter. Blues are often improvised which is the heart of the jazz style.

I don’t really like jazz music. I am sure that a lot of people liked his music,but I don’t. I like this day’s music,but not back in the old day’s music.

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany.

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