introduciong myself

my name is julio and my last name is ibarra

My family consists of my father, my mother and my sister.

My father's name is adrian

My mother's name is amelia

My mother's name is edith

and we live in the street pamoranes number 220 colony vista hermosa

my sister keep working in delphi 2

and my father works in Sabritas

my phone number is (834)1027986

I want to learn English because I want to be manager of the Sabritas and need to get out of mexico to united states.

working in the fabric (video)

Anaya Alonso Cinthya Guadalupe

Franco Martinez Sergio Iván

Ibarra Roque Julio Alexis


My house has two levels and is comfortable. In my room I can see a beautiful view from the window. I have a drawing on the wall about the subcomandante marcos, and I have a computer, a drums and one stereo.

My house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen.

My kitchen have a refrigerator, a stove and one dishwasher.

My backyard is very small, because my house is big and I have a garden in front of my house.

The room of my sister is in front of my room, my room is on the room of my fathers.


The castillo de chapultepec is a construction in mexico city and it is the most historic architectural monument of our country. It has witnessed many of the most important moments in our history.

It houses an extensive collection of paintings, photographs, documents and objects that show us in a formidable way the passages of our history since before colonization, until today.

I would like to visit in the future

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