Table Of Contents

1.)the pitch

2.) synopsis of production

3.) exploration of stimulus

3a.) initial thought process

3b.) brain storms

3c.) explanations


5.) costumes and makeup


7.) lighting

The Pitch

this production is a three act play centered around the change in American culture based on three hostage situations the U.S has handled. in 1805,1905, and 2013. the purpose of the production is to show people the juxtaposition between how our nation was and is in the hope that it will get people to change. this production is targeted to adults living in the United States because it is about the political environment of the U.S. This will take place on a proscenium stage with stage right representing the united states and stage left representing the hostile nation and center stage holds the main action. There will be a Narrator downstage center they are also the secretary of state. the first two acts should make the audience feel patriotic and proud and the third should anger the audience

Synopsis Of Production

act 1 is the Barbary war the basic story is that an American Ship ran aground off the coast of Morocco and 200 Americans were taken captive the U.S retaliated by sending the marines who liberated 180 of them and 20 had freed themselves by converting to Islam and assimilating into the Barbary culture the marines then hunted them down and killed them. act 2 is the Perdicaris crisis the basic story is that a man was kidnapped by Raisuli who contacted the Sultan of Morocco and asked for 60,000 dollars in exchange for an American, Roosevelt told the sultan don't pay him we will send in the marines "we want Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead" even though he wasn't American Raisuli thought he was and that's all that matters to Roosevelt unde3r threat of the Marines Raisuli gave up Perdicaris. act 3 is the merril Newman incident when a korean war vet was held captive in north korea until he signed a war guilt clause and the US did nothing to get him back.

exploration of stimulus

this is the original stimulus
i searched the internet for a toy grenade and found this
I searched for Honor House Products and found this
I searched for sherman tank and found this

I searched for the 749th tank battalion and found this facebook page

I searched for more veterans stories and found this Washington post article

and from this I found more examples of Hostage situations


Act 1 is the Barbary war characters include

. Thomas Jefferson (POTUS)

. James Madison (Sec State)

. Marines (at least 5)

. Barbary pirates (at least 5)

. Captives

act 2  is the Perdicaris crisis, characters include

.Theodore Roosevelt (POTUS)

.Ion Perdicaris


.Elihu Root


.Mulai Al-Aziz (sultan

act 3 is the Merrill Newman incident, characters include

.Barack Obama (POTUS)

.John Kerry (Sec State)

.Merrill Newman

.kim Jong un

Costume Design

Costume for Barbary Pirates act 1
Costume for Thomas Jefferson act 1
costume James Madison act 1

captives costume

costume design for Teddy Roosevelt (Act 2)
Ion Perdicaris costume design (Act 2)
Raisuli costume (Act 2)
Elihu Root costume (Act 2
marines costumes act
Mulai Al Aziz costu (Act2)
Barack Obama costume (act3)
John Kerry costume (act 3)
Merrill Newman (act 3)
Kim Jong Un costume act 3

Set Design

this is the stage and audience set up for the performance
set for act1

Light Design