Listeria Caused by Jalisco Cheese

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What made people sick?

Mexican-Style soft cheese Infected the residents and it caused many to become ill and over 40 people died including 10 infants.

Where and When?

This has occurred for six months in 1985 set in Los Angeles and all other Orange County countries.

The pathogen and it's symptoms

Listeria had caused listeriosis and affected 65.5 percent of pregnant women. This illness can be contracted from deli meats and unpasteurized milk.  If you develop a listeria infection, you may experience,Fever, Muscle aches ,Nausea ,Diarrhea. It might take a few days before someone starts to feel symptoms but it takes about two months before infection begins.

If the listeria infection spreads to your nervous system, signs and symptoms may include: Headache, Stiff neck , Confusion or changes in alertness, Loss of balance, Convulsions.

During pregnancy the signs aren't as noticeable. The consequences for the baby however, can be devastating. The baby may die before birth or be born with infection. As in adults, the signs and symptoms of a listeria infection in a newborn can be subtle, but may include: Little interest in feeding, Irritability, Fever,Vomiting.

The CDC involvement  

The CDC investigated what was causing the disease and they traced it back to Mexican-Style soft cheese. they then had the producers recall the product.

Fixing the problem

The Jalisco cheese company was shut down permanently after recalling their cheese products. Gary S. and Susan McPherson — a former accountant and his wife from Pasadena — had owned Jalisco Mexican Products Inc. for about four years. In denying knowledge of the contamination until government officials showed up at his door. A year later, McPherson and his cheese-maker, Jose Luis Medina, pleaded “no contest” to misdemeanor criminal charges. McPherson served a 30-day jail sentence and Medina did 60 days in the LA County jail. Together they paid fines totaling $48,000


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