Civil war Journal

Journal entry one
My name is Benjamin Lyness and I used to live in Texas. I used to live in Texas when I was a kid. My Mom and Dad owned alot of slaves. My Father was in charge of the slaves. I always hated the way my father whipped and yelled at the slaves as if they were animal,savages. I believed that the slaves weren't any different from us. The only thing different about them is their skin color. The way I look at it we are all human. One time when I was eight my Dad was yelling at a child for not working hard enough. The child that was getting yelled at was about my age at the time. He looked really tired,he had sweat dripping down his forehead. His eyes was also teary when my Dad was yelling at him. It was as if he was gonna burst out crying, but he was holding it in. He knew that if he were to cry my Father would whip him. My Father screamed “Why dont you were hard! You’re not a two year old you little brat!” One tear rolled down from the child's eyes and fell to the floor. It was so over for him. He was just about to get the beating of his life time. I had to do something, I couldn’t just stand there and watch him get beaten. What kind of person would I be if I did? I started to run over their. I could see my Father raising his arm. The second he moved his arm down at the little boy I grabbed it with all my might. My Father turned his head around. I was staring face to face with my Father. He shrugged me off and I fell to the ground. My Father yelled “This is what you do too little brats like these.” He lashed the boy with his whip. I screamed “Stop!” My Father whipped him over and over. “This is what you do when these pitiful creatures don’t work hard enough. This is the world we live in. This is what you will be doing too when you are old enough. This will be what your sons will be doing in the future and what their kids will be doing too.” I was laying on the ground with my ears covered with my hands crying. How could my father say this to me when I was eight? When I was just a little boy. Over the years I became good friends with the little boy that got wiped. We became the best of friends. When I became eighteen I ran away. I wanted to bring him with me but he said he couldn’t. There would be people coming after us and I would be in a lot of trouble if I did. When the civil war broke out I was a soldier for the Union. I was a private. Even though I was a low class soldier I knew I could still help.

B:“I have to take a quick step”M:Well I hope you are as snug as a bug B:I hope I dont get hornets at meM:v;Have fun toeing the mark B: Thanks M: I got some goobers for you when you come backB:You sure thats good or my bread basket it’s not feeling good.M:I also got some joy juice B: That’s something I’ll take in to my bread basket M:Well honkey dorey B: Wanna have some joy juice with the fresh fish M: Maybe later we can clean are pepperbox with the frsh fish B: later lets also get them played out. Bye im off to unleash the bread basket M:Bye`

Dear Friend,
Life is hard here.   We live in small camps that two people live in and sometimes the person i'm in the tent with will kick me in the middle of the night by accident.  The tents are set up in a forest where the trees are tall.  We always drill holes.  One time I made a mistake and I was punished.  I had to wear a barrel as clothing and march around the perimeter of our camps.   I know its worth it because I'm fighting for the right thing in the end.  If I die out here at least i'll have my pride.
Here's a picture of my faviorite leaf

Jeremiah, when you chose to stay at home and care for his mother,
what caused you to make that choice?
I wanted to take cre of my mother like she did to me when I was a kid

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?
When I was taking care of my mother becase it makes me feel like I repaid my debt to her.
Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?
I wish I went with my brother becuase I feel like I left him.
Jeremiah, ________________________Would you make it so that the civil war never happend?
Yes becuase people wouldhve lived


Come back children,
Stop fighting in this silly war,
Everyone's crying,
Everyone's pouting,
To many life's  tearing apart,

Come back children,
Stop fighting in this silly war,
Bodies here,
Bodies their,
Bodies everywhere,

Come back children,
Stop fighting in this silly war,
Lets all come back together,
Lets all be one again,
Lets all be happy together,

Come back children,
No more silly wars,
No more dead bodies,
No more crying,
Enough of this silly war,
My favorite food was the Hard Tack.  It was the least disgusting thing.  I watch animals fight sometimes.  I like seeing their blood everywhere and their eyes ripped off.   

Most people in the civil war died from sickness.   Some of my fellow soldiers believed it was becuase of the water, the mosquitos and some even beleieved it was from the treatments the doctors used.  The doctors made us bleed to get the sickness out.  Sometimes soldiers would get sick from a wound
When I get home I start looking for my long loss friend. When the war was close to its end I started loosing connection to him.  Last time I heard he was in Illinois.   

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