Helping Clients Change The Way Business Thinks & Works

Creating measurable value in strategic thinking, planning and opportunity development

Our Work

Rethinking the actual business challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

Strategy Creation - Planning For The Future - Developing New Vision - Aligning The Leadership - Transforming The Enterprise - Creating The New Story - Solving Business Challenges - Innovation & Creating New Value

Our Approach

We use visual frameworks, structured and visual thinking techniques, to undertake high value interventions and assignments for our clients. Our experience, tools and techniques help our clients to completely reimagine their business.

Our Rationale

A short explanation of why the 21st Century needs visual tools and techniques to create meaningful change

Big Picture Thinking

By looking at the big picture we avoid solving the wrong problems.

Through this 'human' and collaborative approach it means we cause genuine ownership and as a direct result enable value, impact and sustainable change.

Not Solving The Wrong Problems Really Well

We are a deliberately small team; a mix of strategists, creatives and systems thinkers.

We are passionate about developing executable and resilient solutions to solve 21st Century business problems. We were once clients ourselves and our approach is the accumulation of many years frustration, experience and development on both sides of the table.

The Magical Power of Visual Frameworks

Discovery - Development - Decision -

Meeting The Key Challenges Of The 21st Century

Meaning - Clarity - Accountability - Communication - Leadership - Purpose - Vision - Alignment - Collaboration - Differentiation - Engagement -
Performance - Behaviours

Based In London But Working

Developing The #Resilient Enterprise

As we travel around the world these are amongst the common challenges for today's enterprise. These challenges are so common they are often ignored as the actual challenge. Everyday words, massive challenges.

Bringing Clarity, Definition &
To The Business Of Strategy

Language is also the everyday tool for collaboration, thinking and communicating. And that is often at the heart of the problem.

Words are used to define tasks and convey ideas between people but they lack meaning to others far too much of the time. Research shows that this lack of shared meaning is at the root of much confusion in the enterprise of misunderstanding, misinterpretation.

Lack of meaning adding up to massive risk, frustration and cost.

Designed To Create Value & Impact For The Business Of Today

The world is beset with thinking, systems and practices designed for an entirely different era.

Consumers have come to expect levels of service and experience that many organisations have not been set up to deliver. Technology and smart devices have changed whole industries and brought down governments. Strategy simply isn't fixing this the way that it needs to.