Phones During the
    Industrial Revolution

What is your invention?

The phone.

When was it invented?

The phone was invented on March 7th 1876 by Alexander Bell. He worked at a school for deaf kids and he really wanted to make something that could transmit sound while using electricy.

What is it, Whats its purpose?

A phone is a decice used for two people at a distance away to communciate with each other.  Alexander Bell, the man who invented the telephone, said the purpose was “an apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically.”

Positive & Negative effects it had

The phone during the industrial revolution had its positive effects.. and its negative effects. Some positives were, it was easier and quicker to contact people. And some negative effects were there were a lot of lawsuits from other people who thought they invented the phone first.

How does it work?

The first phone was kinda confusing to work compared to todays phones. You had to talk in to a little cone thing making something inside vibrate then a needle, which was wired to a battery, slowly moved to a contact in the cone then it converted sound waves into a signal that moved to another cone in a different room.


Todays version of my invention has a very wide variety. From iPhones, to Samsung Galaxys to flip phones, slide phones, ect.. These phones only really have one thing in common and thats they can both call people.

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