The Great Depression

    The Great Depression is a time in the United States when all of western industrialized world went down. The depression lasted for ten years, 1929-1939, it started late October and ended late November. It all started in New York and started spreading all over the country. How the great depression started was when stock markets started rise, people started losing jobs, less and less jobs were available, millions of people were jobless homeless and hungry.

College in the 1930's

     I am going to University of Texas El Paso (U.T.E.P.). The tuition in the 1930's for this college was not given to me on U.T.EP.'s website, but since this college is not very known to different country's i just estimated on how much it probably was, which is around $500-$200. Cost for books and supplies like books, classes, and clothes would be around $800. Some major differences from then and now is how we now have plans that help with are money budgets like having a meal plan, having lots more scholarships to help pay for colleges. The mascot for U.T.E.P. is a minor named Pete.

     Costs for when you go to college out of  in the 1930's for gas would be $00.10 per gallon. Cost for a 20 oz loaf of bread would be $.5, a dozen eggs $.29, or 1 quart of milk would be  $.10. The cost of a car would be $640, a set of 4 tires would be $6.35. Personal item's like a belt would be $1, pack of cigarettes $.15, doing something like going to the movies with snacks would be $.30.

Stan's Apology letter


     Mr. Strohein

    I understand what i did was wrong and so that is why I am writing you this letter, to apologize. The day I stood up to you and disrespected you i was having a bad day, it was a family matter. It was not right to do that and tell you those completely untrue and anger filled words, especially in front of other employees. I apologize for all that I have done yesterday, and i swear to you I will never do anything or say anything to you like that ever again.

    I hope that the apology was enough and if it was not enough, then here are some other reasons why you should not fire me. I come to work on time every single day, and I have never been late to work and i can promise you i never will. I always do what i am supposed to do without any questions or buts about it. I also never get into fights with any other of the employees. I am good at my job and i never slack off.

     If any of what I have just said still has not convinced you then I will also do any extra work. Personal work too if I have to, again without complaining. Still not convinced for you not to fire me, okay I understand, thank you for your time. Once again I am sorry for my actions yesterday, i hope have a wonderful day.

Stanley Jerome


    The full name for this incredible play is; "Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz." It is a musical, and book by Winnie Holzman, and lyrics of the musical by Stephen Schwartz,the first  performance was in June 10, 2003. If you ever want to see this wickedly amazing musical the tickets will be $85 to $267.  I have seen the play myself, i really loved it, my most favorite play i have ever seen, even though i have only seen two others.

     My review on the play Brighton Beach Memoirs is  that i thought it was great. The thing i really liked was how it mixed in how hard it was to keep a job at that year. It did liked how it did a lot of real life situations, especially in on play.

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