Fast Food Nutrition

By: Zach Lapuh and Bret Baird


Meal One: Big Mac, Small Fries, Large Sweet Tea, Sweet and Sour Sauce

Calories: 550, 230, 220, 50=1050 calories

Saturated Fat: 10g, 1.5g, 0, 0=11.5 grams

Grams of Fat: 29g, 11g, 0, 0=40grams

Percent of Fat:34%

Teaspoons of Fat: 5.8 teaspoons, 2.2 teaspoons, 0, 0=8 teaspoons

:Statistics say that teenage boys should eat no more than 123 grams of fat per day, this meal contains 40grams of total fat and 34% fat and no more than 35% a day should be consumed, it also contains 11.5 grams of saturated fats when 35 are allowed per day so it is extremely unhealthy for just one meal throughout the day.

Chipotle Burrito

Meal Two: Chicken Burrito, Chips, Lemonade

Calories: 995, 570, 180=1745 calories

Saturated Fat: 16g, 3.5g, 0=19.5grams

Grams of Fat: 39g, 27g, 0=66 grams

Percent of Fat: 34%

Teaspoons of Fat: 7.8g, 5.4g, 0=13.2 teaspoons

:Statistics show that teenage boys should eat no more 123 grams of fat per day. This meal contains 66grams of fat and contains 34% when only 35% should be eaten per day. This is an unhealthy meal and if eaten not much more can be eaten during the rest of the day if you are trying to keep a healthy diet. This meal also contains 19.5 grams of saturated fats and only 35 grams should be eaten per day so this one meal accounts for more than half of the recommended saturated fats.

Chipotle Salad

Healthy Meal Number One: Chicken Salad, Water

Calories: 230, 0=230 calories

Saturated Fat: 3g, 0=3 grams

Grams of Fat: 7.5g, 0=7.5 grams

Percent of Fat: 29%, 0=29%

Teaspoons of Fat: 1.5 teaspoons =1.5 teaspoons

:This meal contains 7.5 grams of fat and contains 29% total fat which is way healthier than the other two meals.  Also, this meal only contains 230 calories which is extremely less compared to our other meals.  This meal is very healthy because it is only 230 calories and he average amount per day is 1500.

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