The Industrial Revolution Test

Ms. Cash, Ashley Perry, World History 3rd period

. What events help bring about the Industrial Revolution? List 3--explain 1 and include a picture

One event that helped bring the Industrial Revolution was the the agricultural revolution: In the Agricultural Revolution the food amount was greater and it was because they tried switching the growing fields and trying different growing items in that soil and the seed drill was invented during this time because it help farmers place the seeds in a neat row and this helped increase food because they use to just throw seeds down and that would lose food so this is how the agricultural revolution helped the industrial revolution.

The second event was that the population increases and i think that was because there was more food being produced and that reduced the famine in families. Also there was an improvement in the medical care of people,medication to help for surgery was invented and better sanitation for people also increased population by improving health of people.

The Third event is new technology was invented the steam engine was produced to help mimes. Also engines and the new technology because the main center in transportation and other things. Also Telegraphing was developed so you could send messages to people and antiseptics and sewing machines also helped people during the Industrial Revolution.

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What key factors allowed Britain to lead the way in the Industrial Revolution? List 3..explain 1 and include a picture

One of the key factors that allowed Britain to lead the way in the Industrial Revolution is the natural resources the Britain had access to the sea on all sides and lots of coal and supply of iron. Also a great increase from trade increase money and supply they also had navy protecting ships over seas to protect trade.

Another way is the production of clothing because peasant families had spun clothes and all at there homes and then they were sent to artisans to dye the clothing.So that became slow and inventions needed to be made to product more and speed it up.  The flying shuttle speeded up the weaving and production of clothing. During this time frame the cotton gin was made because it took people a long time to separate the cotton seed from and cotton fibers and this also speeded up production.

The third way is The Liverpool Manchester line opened and transportation greatly increased goods and things were moved and delivered more quicker by the train.

What were the social effects of the Industrial Revolution? List 3..explain 1 and include a picture.

One social effect of the Industrial Revolution was people moving to new industrial places. This was because the demand for more things and that was because of the surplus of food and other things this demanded more workers so people started moving from farming areas to city areas.

Another one is the middle class came and theses were entrepreneurs who own and operated factories and railroads and more.The working people during this time lived in nasty and poor living places or small crowded apartments and the majority came from farming.

The third one was the harsh of working in factories you had to work in mines and they were dark and coal dust to hurt there lungs.Also young kids would work at the youngest age of 5 they worked to help there families get more money. Then there was a law pass saying minimum number of hours and working age for kids.

. What new ideas about economics and society were fostered as a result of the Industrial Revolution. List 2 explain 1 and include a picture

One of the ideas about economics and society is Laissez Fair Economics and they lay-term is the hands off approach.

Another way was Marxism beliefs was to form a social democracy and he was wrong about international revolution and few communist countries had remained. Also Marx prediction about the future was that it would overthrow the capitalism during the revolution and and take over the ways of prodcution and destroy social classes

Do you think the Industrial Revolution had more positive or negative effect and explain why or why not two examples and a picture.

I think that the industrial Revolution had more positive effects on the society and the world. Because of the new technology and inventions that were made like the cotton gin and  seed drill. Because these two things improved the world to increase supply so they were of course passed in the future and just made better so now we have a surplus of food and clothing and everything basically and if it wasn't for the positive in that time frame then we wouldn't have what we have today.

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