Rules for The Ultimate Pronoun Showdown

General info about the game:

- 6 Rounds

- 6 "teams" with 3 per group

- the desks are set up in groups around the room

Object of the game:

To still be in the game by the last round and to have one of the top three fastest times of reciting your gender/ your's and your group member's genders (depending on if  they are out or not)  of the pronoun in the lightening round. Top three times win a prize! 🎉🎉🎉

How this works:

1. Each group will go to a start group of desks.

2.  At each desk, a pronoun will be shown in a chart.

3. Each group member will sit at a desk with a designated gender (masculine, feminine or neuter)

4. The group members will have to memorize their chart (the latin and the translation) of their pronoun in the given time.  

5. The given time goes down every round by 15 seconds, with the first round at 2 minutes, second round at 1 min 45 sec,  third round at 1 min 30 sec, etc ending with the lightening round ( round 6) at only 45 seconds to memorize your charts.

6. At the end of each memorization time, in a circle every person has to recite their pronoun in their gender as fast as possible and more importantly accurate. If a pro.noun is incorrectly recited they are out, but still travel with their group, learning the pronouns.

Advantage Cards and Prizes:

Advantage Cards:

       - Before the game starts, each team will send up a representative who will draw two cards from a stack. But not all of the cards are advantages. The three types that can be drawn are swap, revival and sorry, better luck next time.

-The best card, the revival card, can bring a member of your group back into the game.

-The swap card, also an advantage, can switch someone out with someone in.

-The sorry card sadly has no advantage and serves no purpose.


In order to recieve a prize you must remain in the game all the way through. At the end of the game, the top three fastest times of recitation win the cordinating candy associated with their gender. ( ex. yellow candy for neuter, pink for feminine and blue for  masculine). However, the very top time will recieve a golden ticket along with their candy.

Now you know the rules! Good luck!

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