Life is a Puzzle

Life is a puzzle, you never now what comes next.

You’re putting on piece by piece, hoping it fits.

What comes next in life is a mystery, just as the next piece.

Sometimes it’s complex, and sometimes it easy.

Sometimes the pieces are shiny, others are dark.

The puzzle can be a sweet piece of candy, or a old


Life can be muddy, bad weather, but the puzzle may be shiny sun.

Your mind is telling you one thing, but it ends up being something unexpected.

Life is always a mystery, you may encounter funny, amazing pictures, but watch out for those sinful, depressing ones.

You may get the big puzzles with small pieces, or the small puzzle with big pieces, but either way it’s still a mystery.

It may not be a hard one to solve, but on the other hand it can be one of the worst things you could ever do.

So grab you’re family, build the puzzle, if you get cold then you snuggle.

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3 years ago