Makeup Artist

~artist whose medium is the human body~

Fashion Makeup- makeup used on the fashion runway or in magazine photography

Theatrical Makeup- used in theater or broadway productions, to make actors' faces more visible and defined to the audience.

Special Effects Makeup- enhances physical features to create metaphysical characteristics

Bridal Makeup- makeup artists are now an important in the wedding planning, hired to glamify the bride

Earning Range-$17k-$118k

Education Required-High School graduation, 2 Year College Course

Working Conditions-Makeup artists are hired by television and film production companies, theater and dance companies, modeling agencies, photographers, retail outlets, and bridal parties. Makeup artists often work with hairstylists and costume designers. Makeup artists must also communicate with other members of the theater or film production, including the performers and director. Makeup artists who work in the film and television industry often work up to 16 hours a day.

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