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UMATECH SCALES, India’s No.1 Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of Commercial & Industrial Platform Weighing Scales, Heavy-duty Industrial Weighing Machines, Industrial Floor Scales, Customized & Specialized Industrial Platform Weighing Machines, Veterinary & Animal Weighing Scales, Warping Beam Weighing Machines, Textile Weighing Scales, Economic & Retail Weighing Scales, Electronic Weighing Machines, Supermarket Weighing Scales, All type of Weighing Scales & Fabrications for Various Industrial Applications & Solutions etc.,

UMATECH SCALES TAMIL NADU @ Certifications’ & Approvals:

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Weighing Scale Manufacturer Company.

Electronic Weighing Scale Registered Dealer Under CST Act.

Model Approval Certificated Under the Weights & Measures Act

Licensed Weights, Measures, Weighing Instruments & Measuring Instruments Manufacturer, Dealer & Repairer License Holder

Member of Tamilnadu Weights & Measures Manufacturers, Dealers & Repairers Association. Shortly called TNWMMDR ASSOCIATION;

Legal Meteorology Department Approved.

Leading Weighing Scales Manufacturer & Supplier in Tirupur.

Weighing Scale Solutions for All types of Industrial Applications, No.1 Manufacturer of Heavy-duty Industrial Platform Weighing Machines in Tamilnadu.

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Umatech Weighing Scales Company, is one of the India’s Leading Electronic Weighing Scales Manufacturer, Industrial Weighing Scales Dealer, Heavy-duty Industrial Floor Scales Supplier, Heavy Industrial Platform Weighing Scales Manufacturer, Veterinary & Animal Weighing Scales Supplier, Mini Weighbridges 10 Ton Manufacturer.