World War 1 (1914-1919)

By: Katelin Manning

Main Causes

-Militarism:Building up of military/navy in large numbers.

-Alliances:An agreement between nations to defend each other.

-Imperialism:Stronger countries using influence on weaker countries.

Nationalism: Belief that your country is superior to other countries


Spark Of The War

The spark of the war started with the the Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungry  and his wife Sophie were killed.They were killed by Gavrilo Princip.who fired into the car as they were driving through Sarajevo.Moments later after the fire they were found dead.

Leaders  Of Warring Countries

-Great Britain: George V

-Germany: Whelliham II

-Austria-Hungry:Franz Joseph I

-Italy:Victor Emmanuel III

-France: Greoges Clemumenceau

-United States:Woodrow Wilson


France-triple entente

Russia-triple entente

Great Britain-triple entente

Germany- triple alliance

Austria-hungry-triple alliance

Italy-triple alliance

New Technology

Outcome/Peace Treaty

-ended in 1918

-the peace treaty was made on  june 1919 a year after it ended

- the name of the treaty was "the treaty of versailles.

- was made to make peace between the alliances.

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