Digital Bill Of Rights

Digital acess

People should be allowed  to use the internet

*Having access to the internet is important it helps people discover things and find new people

* Having the freedom of internet should be a human right

Digital Communication

internet communication is important but you need to use it in the right way

*Online communication is important, people need to use clear speech online to be understood.

*It is very hard to understand somebody who uses slang and misspells words so people need to speak proper English.

Digital commerce

Digital commerce is the life of the internet

* Digital commerce is the ability to do transactions online

* it is also the ability to buy and sell online

Digital literacy

Digital Literacy is being understood on the internet

* digital literacy is being literate online

* using correct grammar when commenting and blogging              


Netiquette is important to be nice on the internet

*netiquette is acting properly online.

*It is also being responsible.

Digital Law

Digital law is having good behavior on the internet and being legal

* Digital law is not pirating content off the internet.

* and Not using copyrighted sources without permission.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital rights and responsibilities are used to be good on the internet

* Not stealing others content

* Not posting rude or hurtful things about others

Digital Health and Wellness

Being healthy about your computer time

* getting off the computer to not get headaches

* not using computer all day

Digital Security

Digital security is being safe online

* Not giving passwords online

* Not giving personal information online